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Susong industrial park is introduced


Susong  industrial park in August 18, 2004 full official start, February 23, 2006 upgrade for provincial park (development zone). The recent plans to 11.2 square kilometers, rotational acetabular osteotomy planning 50 square kilometer, all included in the overall planning of the county. To hurong speedway for world is divided into east.

Summary park adhere to the "industrial garden, made industrial concentration" development strategy and "rely on city development zone," the thought of working in a relatively short period of time, get the rapid rise as the leaders of full affirmation and surrounding counties of attention widely. According to the new industrial park in the summary industrial and urban district function orientation, has the "close business, an shang, hui business, the rich merchant" as the inevitable means, and seek a win-win around the highlands of governmental environment construction, capital into depressions, business industrial land, a national business base, and constantly improve the function of form a complete set, strong investment promotion efforts to advance the project, improve the service quality and fully implement the preferential policy, enterprise incubation function, industrial cluster effect and the economy is gradually highlight. Plate Project involves the textile clothing, machinery electrical appliances, food processing, printing and packaging, new building materials, petrochemical industry, 10 DuoGe initially formed textile clothing, food processing, new building materials, machinery manufacturing, and four pillar industries.

This ancient land, outstanding loose; Land development, is in the ascendant. Summary industrial park sincerely welcome all circles friends to tourism, investment survey!!!!!